Wilesco D16



I just won a dilapidated, rusty old wilesco D16, and am waiting for it to arrive. Here are the pictures from the auction, I will take my own when it arrives.


Today it arrived... My excitement was dampened upon closer inspection.

It doesn't look too bad right? Take a closer look!

What a pleasant surprise, the burner tray is here!

Lots of rust.

Well, I hope this cleans up...

That stuff usually never totally comes off of the sight glass.

How nice, the original logo!

Uh oh, flaking paint.


more rust...

Visible ash.

Good, nothing Stuck/Seized!

It was hard to get out, but it did came out!

It moves, but not very pleasantly.

Can anybody say Brasso?

Well, Well, Well, what do we have here?

The original govener belt!

It's all here!

So much for the firebox eyelets :(

What a panorama!

Where was this stored?!


What a bonus. So,  let's Start disassembly.

With the firebox off we can see whats  underneath, but, we wish we hadn't.

Main connecting rod, it just needs some cleaning and polishing.

Again, just needs a cleaning.

This time I took a picture of the sooty boiler

Here is most of the valve assembly.

Here is the pulley and grub screw.

If you pop out the square nut and washer, you get the entire valve assembly in an easy to clean form.

The slip eccentric disc needs a painting, polish, and light cleaning

Needs repainting, polishing, and cleaning. Now, If you get confuzed of the orientation during reassembly, remember that the holes for oil are always up.

Polish, oil, and clean.

Be sure to keep track of this washer!

look at all that perfect paint under the cylinder assembly! 

The perfect paint under the Cylinder brace... 

The cylinder brace and fasteners. 

More perfect paint underneath the crankshaft mounts. 

The slide valve. Just a little dirty. 

The cylinder cover cap and gasket. 

The (nearly) bare, uncleaned base.

The whistle, out of the boiler at last. 


Here is a total picture of all of the parts together, and most of the parts cleaned.


Today I sanded off all of the flaking paint, and prepped the flywheel for painting.


The paint finally dried on the flywheel. And, for my first repaint, I think It was pretty good. I did miss a few spots, and the paint color is kinda off. Maybe I'll repaint it later in a more suitable color.

ya' missed a spot... 

Two actually. 

I also scrubbed down the pieces of the cylinder assembly for repainting. 

^slide valve rod ready for painting.

Slide valve rod, finished painting. 

^Crank disc, ready for painting.

Crank disc, finished painting. 


Shined up the boiler and whistle today, don't they look great together? :D


 Re-assembled the cylinder assembly, and put the firebox on temporarily.


I've had most of the parts needed sorted for awhile now, but  due to complications on the senders part, and on mine, they haven't shipped yet. But! With the arrival of my first jensen #60,  I've needed to order some parts from Ministeam.com. So I figured I'd order the #60 parts and the D16 parts as well!


The  Ministeam parts shipped today!


The whistle weights shipped today! (thanks Glenn!)


The ministeam parts arrived today! Now I only  need the whistle weights!


The final pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place! So I fired her up! 

WOW! this one has some power! 

This is the first engine that can run the generator I made! 

Well, we sure gave them a run for their money! 

Ooh, Power and grace! 

And thus is finished my restoration of a wilesco D16 !

Some Glamour shots for EOTM 

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