Wilesco D101 Workshop 



This one should be interesting, just won an old wilesco D101 el? Just needs some minor repairs and a dusting, and this one should be a nice little engine with the tools and all.


It's been shipped! hopefully it'll turn up soon.


Here it is!!! :D

a bit crooked in there. 0.O 

He didn't mention this came from a smoking home. ugh! 

Minus the peanuts 

Not a bad engine, just needs a good cleaning. 

I think this one is an older one ...

So it IS original! 

The plug leaves a lot to be desired, missing the little cover thing that I'm pretty sure is supposed to be here ...

and the little grommit thing that's supposed to go here as well... 

The whistle is stuck shut and stuck in its thread. :(


After a good first steaming yesterday (where it ran very well BTW so you can look forward to a video) The whistle came out of it's thread, and I gave it a good overnight soak  in WD40. Another squirt before school, and viola! after school, the whistle was stuck no more! A celebratory steaming was needed. (video soon) SO! time to start disassembly!

Remember how this goes together! from outside in towards the flywheel, con rod screw, con rod, spacer, crank, small washer, slide valve con rod, slip eccentric, bracket.  

The crank screws off, so be sure you keep track of that washer! 

slide valve assy. plus crank, con rod screw, and spacer. 

Now for the grinder. 

Grinder assembly from very left to right; nut, washer, grinding stone, washer, spacer, bracket, pulley, bracket, spacer, washer, grinding stone, washer, nut. Now, a couple of supplementary things; The way the grinding stones are kept tight without stopping the shaft is quite simple, the ends of the shaft, a little after the threaded portion is larger, so the grinding stones get sandwiched when you tighten the nuts and stay tightly in place. The spacers keep the axle in place. If the turning seems a bit tight, squeeze the brackets toward each other a bit. Second, the brackets for the axle go on top of the piece that holds the guard thingies...


More disassembly today!

This page is a work-in-progress, so, until it is complete, please view this brief summary of the restoration, and the clean engine running well. (oh yeah, and there's music)

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