Record Book

Here I will post any and all records that my engines hold.

 Wilesco D10

My beloved wilesco D10 holds several records;

1. It is my first steam engine EVER!

2. It is my first wilesco ever

3. It is my first slide valve engine ever

4. It was my first restoration ever

5. It was my first sight glass engine ever

6. It was my first 6-spoke wilesco ever

7. It was my first Grey base wilesco ever.

8. It was my first Esbit burning engine ever.

9. It is my first Wilesco D10 ever

10. It is my first double acting slide valve engine ever

11. My first Wilesco slide valve engine ever

12. My first nickel plated boiler engine ever

13. My first german engine ever

 Wilesco D16

My lovely Wilesco D16 holds a few records.

1. My first engine with a steam valve

2. My first engine with an inline oiler

3. My first partial repaint

4. My first wilesco D16

Mamod Minor 1 

1.  My first Mamod

2. My first MM1

3. My first oscillating engine

4. My first single acting oscillator

5. My first filler plug engine

6. my first meths burning engine

7. my first all-brass boilered engine

8. My first oscillating overtype

9. My first english engine ever

Mamod SE1a 

1. My first engine on a BIN

2. My first engine with the exhaust routed to the stack

3. My first Mamod SE1a

4. My first engine with the burner included

Jensen #60 

1. My first Jensen

2. My first Jensen #60

3. The fist engine to arrive with the detachable smokestack intact.

4. My first american engine ever

Red Injun 

1. My first vertical engine

2. My first vertical oscillator

3. My first unknown engine

4. My first steel boilered engine

5. My first (for now) non-runner display engine

Jensen #60 #2 

1. The first steam engine I got as a gift (thank you tony!)

2. My first red-tagged jensen

3. My first engine that ran upon receipt

 Empire B32

1. My first Empire

2. My  first slide valve overtype

3. My first single acting slide valve engine

4. My first electrically heated engine

5. My first engine requiring a solder repair

Empco B43 

1. My first Empco

2. My first engine with a pressure gauge

3.My first double acting oscillator

 Fleishmann 120/2

1. My first Fleishmann

2. The first engine to come with the original funnel.

3. The first engine to come with the original box

4. The first engine to come with the original instructions

5.My 10th engine!

 Wilesco D101 el

1. My first workshop/engine combo

2.My first electric wilesco

3.My first running electric engine

4.My first engine to come with the original governor

Jensen #5 

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