My MM1 just came! Compared to all of my other steam engines, It's impeccably nice. Just missing a burner.

This is pretty much the only place where the lacquer is virtually untouched.

As usual, the safety valve, along with the filler plug, are stuck. That of course, can be solved.

I could stare all day at this logo...

This is just one of the places where the lacquer is damaged, and (by the looks of it) over applied. (look at the brown residue towards the bottom.)

Lots of damaged lacquer here.

That joint is awfully sloppy, is that a factory job?


Today I immediately started dissasembly after I woke up. The first thing to do was get the safety valve and filler plug off. the filler plug came off, but the safety valve was still stuck. It would not open or come out of it's thread. I soaked the washer holding the SV to the boiler in oil. After a couple hours, the SV grudgingly let go. Once it came out I dropped it and the filler plug into a cup of barkeepers friend.

Here I removed the SV, boiler strap, and piston/cylinder. To remove the piston and cylinder, first let the piston out of the cylinder as much as possible, then grab it at the crankshaft and pull it off of the crank. A video can be found  Here.

I bent the crankshaft so badly trying to get the flywheel off. To pull yours off, grab the crank with a pliers, and pull on the flywheel while twisting back and forth  on the crank.

Here's the bottom of the boiler with all of the ash on it, just as a comparison  shot.

Once I had the flywheel and crankshaft off, I started polishing. Shiny huh? Now, the paint on the bracket was dirty and could not be wiped off. But,  a dab of brasso rubbed gently on the paint took the dirty layer. BE CAREFUL! LEAVING THE BRASSO ON FOR A PROLONGED AMOUNT OF TIME CAN DAMAGE THE PAINT!


Well, I finally got the safety valve un-stuck, and polished along with the filler plug. I also took a trip to lowes and straightened the crankshaft.

With the piston/flywheel assembly put back together, I suppose I can begine main reassembly.

Well that was probably the quickest restoration I'll ever do! It was quite a pleasurable one too, a good experience. Also a great first Mamod to work on.  Now, we can get her running. I already have a burner, safety valve O-ring, safety valve gasket, and filler plug gasket sorted. Hopefully they'll arrive soon!


The reproduction burner has arrived from Down Under! lets fire her up!

This thing is so small, it warms up REALLY fast! 

I am really pleased with this one! 

It can do work too! *note to self, move paper towels away from firebox* 

Being small and powerful, it is great with Knex! 

Before + After

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