Mamod SE1a



After being on vacation for a few weeks, I arrived home to a very very dirty  SE1a.

The entire engine was covered with a black waxy, oily substance  (believed to be paraffin.)that would get on your hands, then smear and tranfer itself everywhere. By the time I finished cleaning, it seemed like the entire house was covered with the stuff! but there was an engine under the grime!

 After a liberal application of elbow grease (and Brasso), she shined up nicely! everything came out smooth too, no stuck safety valve! 

But, the trunion broke when I was trying to get it out, leaving the end in the cylinder. DRAT! 


My spare cylinder assembly shipped today, courtesy  of superbiker_uk. Those guys from the forum are so hospitable! :D


  The spare parts arrived today, but the cylinder is the wrong size! the original cylinder is shown above-left.


I got so tired of waiting and looking for another cylinder, I decided to fix the first one! Xlchainsaw had sent me some correlating nuts and bolts with my whistle weights. So I drilled out the original hole big and deep enough to hold the nut, which I then JB welded into place. When drilling, be sure not to break through the cylinder wall!


When the JB weld had dried this morning, I  re-assembled everything, and tried to steam it. The O-ring on the SV melted, causing it to lose steam. The engine block was not secured correctly either, so the piston would bind in the cylinder. Later that day, I wnet and got some nuts and bolts to properly secure the engine block to the engine frame. The bolts were too big, unfortunately, so I had to drill the holes just a little bit bigger.  Then, I steamed it up, and IT WORKED!

This is my favorite shot!  

This video gives a general overview of the restoration, and shows kind of what happened on take 1 of the first steaming. 


I've only steamed the SE1a twice now, and the burner has dissappeared. I'll keep you posted.


Hooray! The gremlin has had a change  of heart, and gave it back! He left it under my bed. I say this calls for a celebratory steaming!


Finally got some decent nuts and bolts to replace the aluminum ones.

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