Empire B32



 My Empire B32 arrived today! It isn't in too bad nick... aside from the bodged end cap...

Who buys a steam engine to break the sightglass, solder the fittings shut, and run it dry? 


So! disassembly  began today!

Connecting rod assembly, Don't loose these! 

 Pulley and spacer

 Slide Valve connecting rod assembly, remember how this goes together!

And in case you forgot, heres a photo! From the flywheel in; spacer, slide valve rod, slip eccentric, large washer, small washer. 

Whistle Assembly without whistle top and valve. My whistle came with the top but was missing the handle on the valve? It's missing something anyway, so yours might not come apart like this.

Whistle top and valve. 

With everything else removed, the steam valve in the background is the only thing holding the engine frame on.


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